Bilingual Business Department

This program emphasizes competency in language ability, to be efficient in both Chinese and English to better prepare students for success in today’s global business environment.

  • The only program in Taiwan that combine English skills and business administration
  • Foreign teachers, American education, an International learning environment
  • Provides necessary English skills specifically geared to the international business field
  • Develops Christian character to create respect and achievement in whole life

The Bachelor in Business Administration at TAC is an ideal pathway to a professional career. Employment opportunities span the globe in business, government, and not-for-profit sector.

You will receive comprehensive training and explore complementary disciplines. The flexibility of the program allows you to experience a variety of business disciplines before choosing your major. There are 14 business subjects available, and many electives to choose from. You can also study Theology, Health Promotion, or Church Ministry as part of your degree or obtain a duel degree program.

The faculty members are renowned worldwide for excellence in teaching and research. They collaborate in international research projects and publish significant works that inform industries across the globe.
Our advisers will help you with everything you need, including course advice and administrative queries.

You have access to extracurricular activities that bridge the gap between theory and practice. School activities are fun, challenging, and interesting. You belong to the global Adventist education network system.


The school provides a variety of scholarships and stipends and work-study opportunities, enough to cover all tuition and room and board fees until graduation.

Tuition and Fees

Tuition and fees are listed in the document below.


The students’ dormitories are located on campus. Students will share a four-bedded room. Our facilities include a cafeteria that serves vegetarian food, a gym, and an outdoor swimming pool.

1 + 3 + 1
Program Design

Intensive English Program (IEP) or Intensive Chinese Program (ICP)

Students whose English is not at a high enough proficiency will enroll in the 2 semester program with 30 hours of English immersion per week designed to prepare students for rigorous academic environments. Foreign students who wish to improve their Chinese Reading, Speaking, Listening and Writing may enroll in the 2 semester Chinese Intensive.

Bilingual Business Degree (BBD)
BBD students will complete a Bachelors of Business Administration degree in just 3 years. Foreign teachers with strong English skills to improve language skills and business knowledge. BBD students learn Christian ethics and prepare to study for an MBA in America.

  • 3 school years & 2 summer sessions
    English courses
  • 33 credits + Business courses 42 credits + GE 55 credits

​Master of Business Administration (MBA)
School counsels students to apply for affiliated universities to complete MBA in one year, since students will complete all the prerequisites required for MBA. *50% off tuition at Andrews University MBA Program.

Course Catalog

CHIN 101-2 College Chinese I, II
ENSL 141-2 English Reading I, II
ENSL 161-2 Practical English I, II
RELB 111-2 Life and Teaching of Jesus
RELB 121-2 Christian Beliefs
RELB 201 Introduction to Old Testament
RELB 202 Introduction to the New Testament
HLSC 104 Health Principle
FDNT 230 Basic Nutrition
BIOL 107 Human Biology I
HLED 1512 Physical Fitness I, II
CPTR 265 Power-point Presentation
MUEN 171-2 College Ensemble I, II
SOCL 101 Successful College Learning
EDUC 104 Principle of Christian Education
PSYC 110/SOCI 110 General Psychology or General Sociology
EDUC 115 Introduction to Research Methods
SOCI 205 Marriage and Family
SOCI 207 Introduction to Civil Law

ACCT 121-2 Accounting I, II
MATH 165 College Algebra
ECON 226 Microeconomics
ECON 225 Macroeconomics
RELB 234 Biblical Foundations of Personal Finance
STAT 285 Elementary Statistics
FNCE 317 Business Finance
BSAD 341 Business Law
BSAD 355 Group Behavior and Team Building
BSAD 384 Human Resource Management
MKTG 310 Principles of ethics in Marketing
BSAD 475 Operations Management
MKTG 353 Innovation and Entrepreneurship
BSAD 363 Practical Internship
BSAD 494 Business Ethics in Strategies & Decisions

COMM 160 Oral Communication
ENSL 220 Business English
ENSL 230 Business Reading and Vocabulary
ENSL 240 Essay Writing
ENSL 250 Speech
ENSL 305, 306 Advanced Grammar & Composition
ENSL 345 News English
ENSL 420 Cross-Cultural Communication
ENSL 400 Technical and Scientific Writing
ENSL 460 Research Writing

International Trips

Enjoy travel? Get real-world business experience abroad at the yearly ASI business conference where students create a business plan and present it.


This program emphasizes competency in language ability, to be efficient in both Chinese and English to better prepare students for success in today’s global business environment. The business program also emphasizes intellectual, spiritual, physical and social development, built on a solid foundation of Biblical principles and cross-cultural understanding. Today’s students entering the workforce need to have practical business skills. Students will learn business practices based on Christian ethical foundations, and they will develop a lifelong perspective toward learning.  Our students should be characterized by leadership, both through appearance and behavior, showing confidence, as respected business professionals.

Learn to do good
Strive for excellence



Admissions Requirements

1. High School Diploma

2. Students must take an admission test and interview.

​* Students who did not pass the admission test must take the Intensive English Program (IEP) before studying BBD courses.

Admissions Procedures

Students who want to apply for Taiwan Adventist College Bilingual Business Degree can download the application form and recommendation form from our website. To scan or take pictures of the completed application form with the following documents, and email all the documents to

For local students:

  • Application form
  • Copy of high school diploma
  • Original transcript from high school
  • Two recommendations letters (teachers or church pastors who have known the student for at least one year)
  • Copies of ID or passport
  • 3 copies of 2″ photo taken within the past 3 months
  • Application fee NT$900

For overseas students

  • Application Form
  • The photocopy of passports(both sides)
  • Admission Consent Form
  • Photocopy of high schools or highest level of education diploma (With a school-certified stamp and Chinese translation of diploma)
  • Final transcripts or Education transcripts (Photocopy with school’s stamp)
  • Two recommendation letters (Recommend by pastor or preacher)
  • Health certificate、two inches ID Photos x3 、registration fee of NT$1,600 (Apply when arriving Taiwan)

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