Student Life

Spiritual Formation

Theology, Health Promotion, Education, Music Department
Spiritual formation program

I. Purpose

The purpose of spiritual formation, especially for students in Theology, Health Promotion, Education and Music departments of our school, is to establish a thinking mode of “the mind of Christ” and cultivate a service outlook on life and a godly life style through different aspects – from the supervision and model of teachers, as well as personal spiritual practice, prayer, life practice and service experience – within can elevate and strengthen the relationship between the individual and God, and outside can show positive influence – until Christ is formed in you (Galatians 4:19).

II. Objectives and Action Plans

Based on the values of life care, honesty and faithfulness, justice and love, and lifelong learning, the school aims to cultivate the spirit of spontaneity and self-discipline, build group cohesion, encourage each other’s care, and improve the growth of spiritual life and moral character.

III. Contents and Implementation Methods of Spiritual Formation Plan

The contents of spiritual formation include group morning devotion, prayer, team physical training, sports, preaching inside and outside the school, overseas propaganda and education, work education and service learning, volunteer service, etc. students can get good spiritual practice during the semester.
1. Morning Devotion
Objective: in the process of morning devotion, we should learn how to get closer to God, cultivate a closer relationship with God, bring out the practice of loving God, love others as ourselves, and love each other.
(1) method: group morning devotion,
a. study, share and pray under the guidance of the instructor.
b. under the guidance of senior students, let students choose their own groups and members
(2) time: 6:00-6:45 am from Monday to Friday
Cafeteria working group 5:45-6:30 from Monday to Friday
Group list updated every semester

2. Sports 
Objective: to help students have regular exercise habits, exercise, relieve pressure and make them healthier.
Method: students should plan their own exercise mode and time, but at least 150 minutes of exercise time should be accumulated every week.
Requirements: hand in the exercise records of the previous week

• Exercise regularly.
• Record the times of exercise every week, the attendance, and submit the statistics to the Academic Affairs Office.
• Ask for leave: fill in the form of request (cancellation) for spiritual formation (such as the attachment), and ask for leave after being signed by the instructor and the department head (or the post agent). Ask for leave at least one day before personal leave, and show the certificate of doctor or dormitory head for sick leave.
• Cancellation of leave: fill in the form of application (cancellation) for cultivation education, which can only be cancelled after being signed by the instructor and the department head (or the post agent). The cancellation must be completed within one week, and the overdue cancellation shall be deemed as absence.
• Students should pay attention to the absence records report every week by themselves. If the times of absences exceeds, they should be dealt with according to the spiritual formation method (as shown in the table below).

If the students of the Department of Theology and Health Promotion are absent for 10 times and the sports report is missing for 10 times, they shall be submitted to the academic affairs office according to the decision of the development education conference:
A) 10 hours of labor service arranged by the Academic Affairs Office
B) two-week observation period shall be given, and teachers shall be assigned to give care and guidance.
C) During the observation period, if the student is absent for one more time, he / she shall be referred to the academic affairs department to request the student to suspend school for one period.
D) If the student has asked for more than 10 sick leave, the teacher shall be assigned to give care. If the situation cannot be improved, the student may be required to take a rest period to recuperate himself or herself through the meeting if necessary, and the student shall be transferred to the academic affairs department for handling.

3. Physical and Team Spirit Training
A pre-school physical training activity is held every semester
A. purpose: to build team spirit, gain physical fitness and practice perseverance
B. methods: including river tracing, mountaineering, cycling, hiking and other physical exercises
C. requirements:
Students should try their best to make preparations according to the work assigned by each group, and observe the group norms
Behave and try to set a good example in service.
Students are required to fill in the service record for each time, and the evaluator and the instructor shall give guidance and sign.
It is strictly prohibited to be absent without any reason. Personal leave shall be taken three days in advance, and the responsible work shall be arranged in advance. Sick leave shall be proved by a doctor or dormitory director, and shall be cancelled within one week.

4. Church Services and Evangelistic Groups
a. Purpose: to enhance the students’ ability to serve the church and evangelism, training in the work of saving soul and mission work.
b. Mode: student grouping is led by each group instructors and assigned to serve, clearly explaining the group rules to the students and the requirements of the work, and at any time to give students appropriate guidance.
c. Requirements:

• Students must work in accordance with the allocation of each group try to do preparatory and follow group norms, pay attention to word line behavior, and strive to set a good example in the ministry.
• Students should complete record of each ministry by the evaluators and instructor guidance and signature.
• Do unexcused absences. The leave must be taken three days before and the work for which he is responsible must be arranged in advance. Sick leave required to present proof of the doctor or the dormitory director, sick leave and completed within a week.

5. Service Learning
Objective: to establish a service outlook on life, improve the spirit of spontaneity, and practice morality in practice

• integrate learning and services such as school-based services (original work education), chosen department services, on-campus and off-campus volunteer work, and students must complete the above items.
• Every semester, you need to register 0.5 credits for service hours.
• Encourage students to give full play to the spirit of service and praise enthusiastic service providers on a regular basis.


Service Learning content


Local Students


On campus service

24 hours

24 hours

Work Education

Optional service

(those who apply service scholarship)

120 hours
(those who apply working scholarship)

The first and second
grades are assigned
by the school.
Third and fourth
grades can apply
to the department

On-campus and out-of-school volunteer services

20 hours

20 hours

students optional
volunteer services

IV. Evaluation method of Spiritual Formation

• In order to make the cultivation education a comprehensive exercise of body, mind and spirit, the cultivation education evaluation form (such as the attachment) is used as a reference for evaluating students. If the individual evaluation of students is less than 80%, the department head and the teacher will take care of and understand it first. If the students still have no positive improvement, the department head can report it to the cultivation education meeting for discussion. If it is serious, it is suggested to suspend learning and rethink life rules first Stroke.
• The conduct performance of Theology, Health Promotion, Education, and Music department students is based on the cultivation education score, reward, punishment and absenteeism.

V. Implementation and Follow up

As the convener of the spiritual formation, Dean of Student Affairs shall hold a review meeting once a month

VI. Enclosure

Spiritual formation score
• Interview record form
• Church service record
• Leave request / leave cancellation form 
• Exercise record