Student Life


Residence hall life will be a valuable experience in the process of student growth. In order to make the residence hall life smoothly and orderly, students must follow the residence hall rules and regulations.

Campus Leave Rules

a、 Day-time Campus Leave
• Free campus leave from Sunday to Friday at 6:00.
• End of Campus Leave: Sunday to Thursday at 21:00; Friday at 16:30.
b、 Night-time Campus Leave
• After Sabbath sunset vesper (subject to the actual sunset time).
• The school gate closes at 21:00 pm and the student is required to return before the gate is closed. Notify dormitory dean and get approval in advance in case of special circumstances necessary to delay return to school.
c、 Note: end of campus leave for weekend leave and long holiday leave is 20:50.

Residence Hall Leave and Off-campus Overnight Stay Rules

a、 Unauthorized campus leave must get approval from residence hall dean. Those who fail to ask permission for campus leave, or overnight stay will be subject to discipline by Dean of Student Affairs.
b、 Students must return home on school holidays (such as winter vacation, spring break, weekend leave, etc.) the school does not provide accommodation. Under special circumstances such work and study, students need to apply in advance to the Dean of Student Affairs Office.
c、 Those who stay in the residence hall on weekend leave must attend all religious activities (Sabbath School, Divine Worship). Those who want to leave campus must get approval from the residence hall dean. Residence hall rules and regulations are applicable also under these situations. Violators are not allowed to stay again.
d、 Those who need to return home or stay overnight off-campus during school day or non-weekend leave must ask for leave of absence in advance. The Leave of Absence application form must be approved together with signatures from Department Chair, Dean of Student Affairs, and Residence hall Dean before leaving the campus (permission also need to be granted from instructors for class attendance). Violators will be subject to discipline by Dean of Student Affairs.
e、 Those who, return home or stay overnight off-campus, cannot make it on time for residence hall return, require explanations from parents in advance to the residence hall dean and ask for leave permission. If classes are affected parental letter or other leave proof must be presented to Dean of Student Affairs Office for Termination of Leave application.
f、 After the use of the Leave Application Card, apply to the Dormitory Dean for trade-in replacement.
g、 Those who are required to go off-campus for Sabbath activities on Sabbath afternoon have to ask for leave permission from the Residence hall Dean. But do not go shopping or work, and must return to school before sunset vesper.

Other Residence Hall Rules

Allowance of 3 absences (ask for excused leave of absence for good reasons) per semester is permissible for including evening residence hall worship, Adventist Youth fellowship and vesper. Full attendance record will result in 1% bonus in citizenship grade, whereas absences that exceed more than 3 times will result in deduction of 0.5 % in citizenship grade. Those who have 7 records of absence will be interviewed by Dean of Student Affairs and 8 records by the President. Those who have 9 records shall be converted from regular to special status of student classifications. Full attendance (without any leave and absent during the semester), shall be awarded 3% of citizenship grade.
• Friday afternoon sunset to Saturday afternoon sunset is Sabbath hours; please do not wash clothes, listen to pop music and do homework.
• Stop various types of activities (including ball games) on Friday at 16:00.
• Keep the room, bathroom and other places clean; please take out the garbage before 16:00.
• 19: 00-21: 00 is Study Hall. Students in the dormitory are advised to use their own rooms or study room. Do not interrupt others in other rooms.
• Do not squeeze a bed to sleep.
• If relatives want to stay on campus, make guestroom reservation with school hostess. Students are not allowed to share rooms with friends privately. This also applies to relatives.
• No courting in Study Room.
• No pets in the building.
• Community students, academy students and guests are not allowed to visit the rooms. If necessary, please get permission from the Residence Hall Dean or the dean’s secretary.
• Tutoring is not allowed in the bedroom or study room.
• Residence Hall waste should be classified and disposed according to waste management guide.
• Cars and motorcycles should park at the designated parking lots and do not park at residence hall entrance and exit.
• Do not leave personal items in the Study Room (including bags and table lamps).
• Walls, wardrobes, doors, tables are not allowed to put stickers and hammer nails. There are check-in and check-out procedures, and deposit will be returned if no damage is found.
• Please carry the key and lock the door when leaving the room. You are responsible for safekeeping personal property.
• Do not take secretary’s keys to open the doors.
• Students or their parents are not allowed to cook in the residence hall.
• Do not use electrical appliances (such as fans, electric heaters, cookers, irons, televisions, etc.) except hair dryer, table lamp and recorder. These will be confiscated immediately and returned when leaving school (take semester(s) off, transfer to other school, or graduation). Do not use the extension cord without permission.
• The use of the computer is limited to the course of study and may not be used for other purposes (such as video games).
• Do not bring TV to the residence hall. Students are not allowed to play pop songs, rock music and other music. Inside the room, please use the headset to listen to music to avoid interruption. Failure to abide will result in confiscating audio equipment.
• Please turn off the light, fan, or other electronic appliance before leaving the room.
• Please pay attention to the hot water bathing time on the bulletin board.
• Residence Hall Curfew Hours: Sunday to Thursday at 9:55 pm; Friday to Saturday at 10:00 pm. Late return for special case requires prior consent of the Residence Hall Dean. This also applies to visiting faculty home.
• Light off at 10:00 pm, but students who need to study may turn on table lamps. Students are encouraged to manage time properly so as not to affect health and interfere with roommates’ sleep.
• Residence Hall Dean has the right to do room check.
• The room leader has the right to assist the Residence Hall Dean in ensuring that the roommates follow the Residence Hall rules.

*The above rules and regulations are subject to change by the school administration at any time and announce in the residence hall.。