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TAC is full of warm family atmosphere and its mission is to spread the gospel. Associate of Education is an education course developed on the basis of the Bible. It provides opportunities for young people who are willing to dedicate themselves to ministry, to develop the knowledge and ability to teach Bible education, and to practice in schools and churches.

Two years of practice, roughly equivalent to one-half of a four-year university degree in North America or one-third of a three-year university degree in the UK. This degree is an independent and valuable qualification, completing this degree could choose major majors or plan to add other courses and further access to a four-year degree guiding by our school professor. If you choose employment would engage in grassroots management and related professional assistant work. Simultaneously can also choose to study religious education (Please consult the Department of Theology) for cross-disciplinary degree in religion.

Core literacy and professional competence
1. Establish psychological development in each stage of learning and basic literacy and speculative cognitive ability of teaching application.
2. Cultivate effective practical literacy and operational learning ability about curriculum development and design、teaching material and teaching test and assessment.
3. Enhance the ability of scientific and technological literacy and transformation and adaptation from modern teaching trends and educational multimedia.
4. Enhance the literacy and practical care ability of Christian education.

Learn to do good
Strive for excellence

Course for Associate of Education

General education course28
Major in education40
Academic areaCourse contentCred
Religion 8
Humanities and social sciencesPhilosophy, Society, Psychology, History, Art8
Health and scienceHealth, natural sciences, mathematics, computers4
Communication skills and modern languageEnglish、 Chinese8
Service learningWork education, volunteer work(2)
EDUC 105Teaching principle3
EDUC 106Introduction to teaching courses2
EDUC 203 *Educational psychology3
PSYC 110General psychology3
EDUC 207Educational philosophy3
EDUC 217History of education3
EDUC 231 *Curriculum development and design3
EDUC 241 *Teaching material3
EDUC 256 *Teaching media and operations3
EDUC 261-262Teaching Practice I & II1, 2
EDUC 303Modern education3
EDUC 236Educational practice3
EDUC 321Class management3
EDUC 326Special education3
RELP 335Biblical teaching principles3

Mark * is required course

1. The needy students who have good character and work hard can apply for scholarships to the scholarship committee.
2. Those who meet the required citizenship and academic performance may apply for child of church member/ membership scholarship.
3. Those who meet the required citizenship and academic performance may apply for work and study scholarship.