Health Evangelist Specialist Education Scholarship

Health is not only the foundation for promoting the social progress but also makes a great difference on the work of evangelism and helps others. The Adventist Church believes that “HEALTH is the right hand of the gospel.” Through professional health promotion and committed care services, it’s not merely healed body, but also the spread of gospel entering each human beings heart. Your hands bring out the grace of God.

Fund Raising per academic year is one million NTD. It is expected that 10 students will be benefited each year.

Through this scholarship, we provide financial support to 10 students who excel in academics, life and character and help them to continue their education. And encourage students to learn in all aspects, to develop their potential, and to expand their talents. These excellent and mission-oriented health promotion specialists will be able to use their knowledge of preventive medicine, natural therapy skills and spiritual influence to help individuals, churches and communities regain spiritual, intellectual and physical health.