Education Affairs

Health Promotion


Health Promotion Department provides varies of subjects to equip a professional who plans to promote Health Education and Health lifestyle. Our courses are based on the Bible, Adventist Health experiences, Natural science, and preventive medicine. Students can learn different natural remedies from the classes. The course has included different professional fields:

  • Public Health field: subjects as Health Education Principle, Community Health Strategies and Plan, and Epidemiology.
  • Health Skills: subjects as Natural Remedy, Hydrotherapy, Swedish Massage, Healthy Baking, Vegetarian Cooking, Smoking Cessation Program, and Home Health Care.
  • Health Promotion: subjects as Health counseling, Health Evangelism, Therapeutic Nutrition, Lifestyle Diseases, and Exercise and Health.
  • Business Management: subjects like Accounting, Economics, Statistics, Human Resource, Marketing, and Principles of Ethics in Marketing.
  • Practicum: Students start their practicum from the second year in the Health Center on Campus. There are two major internships in the senior year. They will take these internships in the Adventist Hospital, Adventist Health Center, Taiwan Conference Churches, or other Adventist related institutes abroad.
  • Department Health Program: Our department has Community Health Project “Health 100” which will be arranged in the communities or churches at least twice a year. Students in charge of food preparation, health lectures, body health examination, and health remedies service.

Characteristics of Course

  • Advance natural medicine principles
  • According to human biological discipline methods
  • Based on the Bible and holistic health principles
  • Combination with community health promotion projects
  • Emphasize practicum, balance theory and practice

Future Career

  • Open personal health center, home health care center, and vegetarian restaurant or bakery
  • Work at government or private health center, hospital, health business, and school
  • Medical missionary at the local church and church building
  • Health profession that helping communities and health institutions to implement their health projects.
  • Health management professionals who provide health plans and health counseling for the individual or groups.
  • Prepare students for health-related graduate studies.
Learn to do good
Strive for excellence

Degrees and Certificate

  • The degree makes students become capable, mission-minded, and practical health professions. Students are able to plan different health promotion programs in the community. They can open their health workshops, provide health services like hydrotherapy, massage, cooking demonstrations, and lectures.
  • The expected students are high school graduated and have a desire in nature healthy lifestyle promotion. Either Christian or Adventist members who are hoping to work as health ministry are fitted to this program.
  • There 128 credit units in four years of study. It includes 55 units of general subjects, 64 units of health major subjects, and 9 units of electives.
  • Health promotion and Business Management degree combined the health and business management professions.
  • It gives more work opportunities for the students. Besides to become a health staff, they can also become a management staff, and having the knowledge to open their own health business.
  • This program recruits students who are interested in health management and open a health business.
  • There are 138 credit units for this program. It includes 55 units of general subjects, 41 units of health profession subjects, and of unites in business management subjects.
  • This program equipped students in health evangelism professions. Students need to take health and theology subjects in order to become health education and health ministry double talent profession.
  • Student involves in community and local church health programs during four years of study. It helps the student to work for the church health department. Moreover, they can proceed to the Theology major after this degree.
  • There are 129 credit units for this program. It includes 43 units of general subjects, 41 units of health major subjects, and 45 units of religious subjects.
  • This program emphasized a short program to let the graduate student go into the health ministry work field sooner. Students can proceed to health bachelor programs after.
  • In order to receive the certificate, the student needs to accomplish 72 credit units. It includes 29 units in general subjects, 29 units in health major subjects, and 24 units in religious subjects.