School Mission

TAC’s principle of education, aim and vision foster a balanced development spiritually, mentally, and physically, preach the gospel, serve the society, and win souls. Annually the school adopts independent admission for high school graduates, college transferred students, and post graduates who have aspirations and good moral character. The college offers Theology Department, Health Promotion Department, Bilingual Business Department, Music Department, Two-year Education Program, English Intensive Course, and Masters programs, etc.

Theology department trains pastors and missionaries of Chinese churches at home and abroad. The Pastoral Master’s Program enhances theological knowledge and pastoral expertise, and provides research on the integration of Christian Gospel with Chinese culture and localization of the Gospel. The Department of Health Promotion promotes health promotion programs in churches and communities through Newstart for preventive health training. The Bilingual Business Department provides students’ English language teaching environment, strengthens English skills and business knowledge, and prepares for advanced studies.

The Music Department focuses on nurturing young music talents so that students can become music workers in the church after graduation. The two-year program of education enables students to understand the meaning of Christian education. Intensive English classes build a solid foundation in English with a multi-learning approach to face challenges in the workplace or to pursue further studies.

Student recruitment is not limited to Taiwan. We encourage young people from Southeast Asia, Europe, the United States, Australia, New Zealand, and those who wish to do continuing education. The faculty consolidates both oriental and western learnings, and thus broaden students’ international horizons. In addition to core courses, the curriculum also focuses on the teaching of cross-cultural communication, especially the emphasis on Chinese and English languages.