Missionary Training Scholarship

Taiwan Adventist College, as the only SDA theological education institution that uses Chinese as medium of instruction, is moved to take on this difficult historical task and shoulders the mission of supporting Chinese theological education. In mainland china, owing to its unique political background, there is no Adventist seminary. Most students who are committed to serve have financial difficulty and need scholarship to finish their education.

Therefore, we urge global Chinese to lend a helping hand in support of this theological training that equips workers in the present age and pray that people of insight from all walks of life can help so that more young people who are committed can receive training at TAC and become the mainstay of the Chinese society in the future to open up the gospel field.

Jesus’ entrustment with the noble mission of “Gospel to the whole world” can be accomplished in this generation through your participation and hasten the return of Jesus Christ.

Fund Raising target is 2 million per year. Donors can make regular or irregular contributions. 20 young men and women are trained each year with systematic theological knowledge and evangelistic skills. Students who have completed their degrees become powerful church workers and would meet the needs of the global Chinese churches.