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Music Department


The design of our courses is based on the principles of the Seventh-day Adventist philosophy of education. We cultivate young music talents for the church, so that students can perform music ministry in the church after graduation, such as performance, violin, lead singer, teaching, and organize various music worship groups to prepare the congregation for enrichment in church worship through music. In the courses, students are equipped with music training including theory/ history, performing arts, and pedagogue.

Music Department Features

1. Music training for church musicians:
To give students systematical approaches in areas such as piano accompaniment, vocal and choir training so that they may practically serve music ministry in church. Besides, students are required to give recitals and be part of all kind of concerts. As a result, they can participate in regular off campus concerts to demonstrate what they have learned and to give them more chances to perform on stage.

2. Extended Learning Opportunities:
Flexible teaching approaches: each student has his or her own pattern of learning progression based on individual differences.
Small class scale learning: Lecturers and students can have better interaction and communication.
Overseas further education:
The use of overseas teaching resources- to help students build up foundation and connection with the outside world.

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School System and Degrees

The program entails music theory and voice training which equip students to further study or engage in any music related jobs after graduation. The aim of the curriculums is to train students to serve in the music ministry at church after they have completed the four-year program.
Students are required to take 128 credits which are 55 general course credits and 73 music related credits. Once students have graduated, they will be capable to pursue further studies abroad or serve in the music ministry at local churches.

This degree is exclusively for students to be trained in serving local churches in music department. The curriculums focus on the combination of theology and music. Those who major in this degree are required to complete 129 credits, including 45 credits in theology, 43 credits in music, and 41 credits in general courses.