Education Affairs


Taiwan Adventist College operates on the semester system, with two semesters in an academic year and nineteen weeks per semester, including one practical week. Each semester is further divided into two nine-week terms. For a normal study load of 18 credits per semester a student may sign up 9 credits in term one and remaining 9 credits in term two.

Procedure for Registration
Upon arrival at the college, the student whose admission has been formally approved will be issued registration forms and full information for registration.

New Student Orientation
At the beginning of the school year, an orientation for new students will be conducted not only to assists student in adjusting to a new school environment, but also helps school personnel better understand individual student. Orientation is an intense exercise that helps students to become acquainted with the religious, social, economic, and academic aspects of college life.

Late Registration
Students who do not complete registration within the scheduled period of time will be charged an additional late registration fee. Permission from the Academic Dean is required if a student registers later than two weeks after the deadline. If the student is permitted to register late, his/her class load may be reduced accordingly. Registration is not permitted after 15% of classroom contact hours

Changes in Registration
Students must follow the program they registered for. No student will be admitted to a course for which he/she has not registered. Changes in registration may be made by obtaining the written approval of the Academic Dean and the student’s advisor. Forms for requesting a change of registration may be obtained at the Registrar’s Office.
Approval should then be obtained from the subject instructor and accountant, and the form returned to the Registrar’s Office. With the exception of withdrawals, no changes in courses may be made after 15% of the classroom contact hours.
Applications for changes in courses will not be charged, if the course change procedure is completed within two weeks after registration. A late fee of NT$250 will be incurred for all course change procedure.
Students who do not follow the advice of the Academic Dean or department chairperson on course arrangement at the time of registration shall bear responsibility for possible delay in graduation.

Courses from which a student withdraws before the scheduled last day to change a course will not be registered on his permanent academic record. The last day to withdraw from a class is two weeks before the first day of the scheduled semester final examinations.

Withdrawal from Individual Courses
Students withdrawing from individual courses must obtain the Change of Registration Form from the Registrar’s Office and return it to the office

Withdrawal from all Courses
Students withdrawing from all classes and leaving the college must obtain the Class Drop Voucher from the Student’s Office and take it to the office signed by respective offices/departments.