Student Life

Spiritual Formation

Spiritual Formation

In order to help students gain a deeper understanding of our faith and its relationship to its communities, Chaplaincy Ministry places an emphasis on Spiritual Growth. It is part of the three dimensions of the Adventist philosophy of education; namely “Intellectual, Spiritual, Physical.” By establishing positive teacher-student interactions, Chaplaincy Ministry will provide a platform for teachers to more efficiently give spiritual care to the students, and help students learn and apply a decision-making process grounded in Christian values.

Care Group Ministry

Students are encouraged to participate in care group activities. Through the care groups, teachers and students can encourage one another and build up one another in a healthy, warm, and caring environment.

Spiritual Activities

Students are required to attend weekly gatherings such as Sabbath School, Worship Services, and the Autumn/Spring Gospel Week. These gatherings are designed to help students understand the real significance of worshiping God and learn how to effectively share their testimony.

Care & Support

Spiritual Retreat

TAC holds a Spirit Retreat at the beginning of each semester to affirm the following core values of our vision: (1) Caring for Life, (2) Honesty and Good Faith, (3) Justice and Mercy, (4) Lifelong Learning. The Spiritual Retreat is designed to inspire the teachers and students by broadening their horizons to develop and strengthen their vision for soul winning. In doing so, it is hoped they will become a blessing to the Chinese communities around the world.


Morning and Evening Devotional Times

In addition to being diligent in learning, students are expected to participate in morning and evening devotions. It will help the students develop the habit of spending devotional time with Jesus each day. Through daily fellowship with Jesus, their relationship with God will bloom and they will step out in faith to share the Gospel with their non-Christian classmates and friends.

Develop a Positive Attitude toward Life

Through the spirituality activities, volunteer visitation, and community programs, we nurture our students to care, serve, and grow in Christ-like character.