Student Life

Social Activity

Saturday Night activities: In order to meet the needs of students’ social activities, Student Association will organize a number of non-periodical cultural programs and student inputs are welcome.

Special Club activities:
Include department meetings and fellowships, clubs, field trips, faculty home fellowships, or banquets.

Appropriate activities can enhance students’ learning and build friendship as relationship with others grow naturally. or smooth operation the following application procedures must be completed.
• Fill out application form at Dean of Students Affair Office two weeks in advance for all group activities.
• All group activities should be organized by appropriate person, and the sponsor should obtain approval from Residence Hall Dean or Dean of Student Affairs.
• The person in charge of the activity shall, prior to assuming this responsibility, be aware of the standards and principles of the school for all activities.
• Social relationship must be noble and in line with etiquette; all indecent behaviors (pairing off in dim area and excessive
intimacy) are prohibited by the school, and offenders will be subject to discipline by Student Affairs Committee.
• Student marriages are not permitted while a school term is in progress. Those who plan to marry are required to do
so in the summer. Approval must be granted from the school if it is during the New Year holiday or spring break.

Recreation Guidelines:
All program content must not be contrary to the SDA faith (such as ghosts and the like), pornography, violence, and over emphasis on evils.
• Sponsors must do on-site supervision for large-scale program preparation, planning (such as Sports Day), including program details.
• All program contents should be reviewed in advance by sponsors
• If the contents of the program are changed or are temporarily changed, the school may terminate the program.
• DVD must be checked by the sponsor and then given directly to the PA or signed by the sponsor before broadcasting.
• Even if the movie content is good, do not watch it if there are obvious swear words in the lines.
• Master of Ceremony should not be vulgar, tell yellow jokes, and stress sex theme.
• Prohibition of vulgar entertainment like men dressed up as women