Student Life

Student Association (SA)

Student Association is under the supervision of the Dean of Student Affairs Office. The SA objective is to promote the autonomy of students and train their spirit of serving. SA is responsible for planning extracurricular activities for student body, such as: Sports Day, Christmas party, charity work, and Saturday night social programs. In addition, it serves as a bridge between students and the school.

SA Policies
1) All the students enrolled at TAC are members of SA.
2) The highest standard of the activities organized by SA is based on EGW’s writing “Messages to Young People”.
3) SA is obliged to support campus religious activities, such as Adventist Youth.
4) In order to facilitate activities, students pay a membership due at the time of registration each semester.
5) The staff is divided into: one president, one vice president, one secretary, one treasurer, one club director, organization leaders, and team members.
6) SA President is a representative for the student body who manages SA, gives student feedback to school administration, serves as a bridge between the school administration and the student body, presides SA meetings, attends Student Affairs Committee meeting and other designated meetings, and assesses SA official performance.
7) SA Vice President assists President in promoting the proposed project, reminding the President of the proposed matters, supervising the respective organizations, and attending Student Affairs Committee and other designated meetings and assessing SA official performance.
8) SA Secretary does clerical work in writing the minutes of the meeting, coordinating personnel, managing documents, and reminding SA President of the proposed activities.
9) The Treasurer manages all the funds of SA. The registration of the costs, the review of the accounts, show receipts, makes organization budgets, withdraws money from TAC Finance Office, and gives regular reports of funds to SA president and Dean of Student Affairs, accepts the supervision of Finance Office and Dean of Student Affairs, prepares accounts at the time of handover to the next president, and files a copy of the information at the Dean of Student Affairs Office.
10) Club Director makes plans for all clubs, decides and implements budgets verifies, communicates and coordinates, promotes interpersonal relationships, team spirit, honor, and inspires special talents and so on.
11) SA will set up the following organization:
a、 Social worker: to promote community service
b、 Academic: to promote academic activities, to assist the establishment of clubs, all activities must be screened by Dean of Student Affairs.
c、 Recreation: to promote recreational activities, hosting Saturday night recreational programs.
d、 Service: Responsible for convening student support for all organizational activities and promoting all service activities.
e、 Publicity: Design posters and flyers for SA activities.
f、 Food: Give feedback to cafeteria director regarding menu and service.
g、 SA President and Vice President recommend all the officials, including secretary and treasurer to Dean of Student Affairs.
12) Election: SA President and Vice President are nominated by the student body, screened by the College President, the Chaplain, and the Dean of Student Affairs, and voted by the student body. Election is held before the end of May each year and supervised by the Dean of Student Affairs. If appropriate candidate cannot be produced by the election process, the school administration will appoint a senior to chair this position. S/he will be exempted from other responsibilities in student service.
13) Transfer: Transfer takes place two weeks after the election, the old and new SA presidents will set up a team for. The handover ceremony is presided over by Dean of Student Affairs.
14) Candidates for SA President should have GPA more than 75% and citizenship more than 85%, whereas other staff more than 75%.
15) Staff meetings are held once a month. Each group reports an overview of the work, reviews the work of the month, and makes plans for the following month. If necessary, convenes an interim meeting with the Dean of Student Affair.
16) All activities are to be closed before 21:30 unless otherwise permitted.
17) All activities are required to be screened by the Dean of Student Affair for approval. Once SA activities have been drafted and approved, they will be announced in Chinese and English.
18) SA officials are volunteers with no payroll.
19) Membership dues will be kept in TAC Finance Office and registered into the student’s account with only authorized access.
20) SA examines students’ service attitude, and SA president will report to the Dean of Student Affairs who will determine and give merit or demerit.

Student Club Policies
1) Student community activity is an important part of the overall education of the school. The academic office should instruct students to set up societies of different natures such as religion, friendship, arts, recreation, service and music. Members carry out social services to strengthen the educational function of community activities.
2) Students who apply for an organization If the purpose is inappropriate or the community has the same nature, the Court shall not grant permission.
3) Procedures for students to organize associations:
a、 After the student’s three or more students, and fill out the “student organization association application form”, sent to the Academic Office permission, began to have a preparatory meeting.
b、 The preparatory meeting shall prepare the draft constitution and the method of seeking the members, agree to set up the date of the establishment of the meeting, and report to the Academic Office.
c、 Before the establishment of the meeting, the school should submit a written report to the Academic Affairs Department.
d、 After the establishment of the General Assembly, the community should be the constitution and other information submitted to the Academic Office approved, and for the formal establishment of registration, can start activities.
4) The members of the society shall be limited to the students of the school and shall enjoy their rights and obligations in accordance with the provisions of the articles of association.
5) The conditions of the head of the society and the conditions of the cadres, the reelection, the term of office and the dismissal shall be prescribed by the societies and shall be carried out after the approval of the Academic Office.
6) The establishment of clubs shall include the following:
a、 Club policies
b、 Name of club officials and members
c、 The objective of major activity
d、 The process of establishment and date of approval
e、 Other important matters
7) The policies of clubs shall contain the following matters:
a、 Name
b、 Objective
c、 Site
d、 Organization and Job Description
e、 Condition for Admission, Withdraw, Expulsion
f、 Right and Obligation
g、 Production of Leader and Director. Appointment and Removal Procedures.
h、 Ways of summoning and presiding meeting
i、 Funding and financial treatment.
j、 Amendments to the Policies
k、 The date on which the policy is made
8) If the club registration is incompatible, corrections should be made in due time, otherwise the school may reject its registration and revoke the permit.
These rules shall be implemented by the Dean of Student Affairs Office after Administrative Council approval. The same applies to any amendment.