Health Evangelist Specialist Education Scholarship

Health is not only the foundation for promoting the social progress but also makes a great difference on the work of evangelism and helps others. The Adventist Church believes that “HEALTH is the right hand of the gospel.” Through professional health promotion and committed care services, it’s not merely healed

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Missionary Training Scholarship

Taiwan Adventist College, as the only SDA theological education institution that uses Chinese as medium of instruction, is moved to take on this difficult historical task and shoulders the mission of supporting Chinese theological education. In mainland china, owing to its unique political background, there is no Adventist seminary. Most

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Taiwan Adventist College Account Number

Taiwan Dollar Donation Account

【 戶名 】三育基督學院
【 銀行代號 】合作金庫006 埔里分行0707
【 合庫帳號 】0700765327999
【 電話 】049-2897047#1603
【 傳真 】049-2897023

Overseas Donation Account

Taiwan Adventist College Banking Information
Beneficiary : Taiwan Adventist College
Address : P.O. Box3, Yu-Chih, Nantou County, Taiwan 555 R.O.C
Account No.: 0220641015709
Swift Code No.: TACBTWTP022
Account with inst.: Taiwan Cooperative Bank.Taichung Branch, No.2 Sec.2 Tsuyu Road, Taichung, Taiwan, 404 ROC
TEL:+886 49-2897047#1603
FAX:+886 49-2897023